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Travis H. Long, CPA

Travis H. Long is a Certified Public Accountant licensed by the California Board of Accountancy, and is a member of the California Society of Certified Public Accountants.  He is the founder of Travis H. Long, CPA, Inc. a California Accountancy Corporation located in beautiful Pacific Grove, CA. Travis has been in public accounting since 2004.  Prior to that he worked in several industries in the public and private sectors including telecommunications, G.I.S. software development, and real estate and construction.

Travis' public accounting experience is diverse, encompassing audit, taxation, consulting, and accounting.  In years past, he was the in-charge auditor on a number of financial statement audits and reviews including governmental special districts, nonprofit organizations and for-profit companies with annual revenues ranging from several hundred thousand dollars to $30 million. He has handled all types of taxation including individual, fiduciary, estate, gift, partnership, corporate, and exempt entities. His consulting engagements have included areas such as short-sale and foreclosure planning, financial planning, business planning, entity selection and formation, business valuations, lease-purchase decisions, etc. A number of years ago Travis worked with the executive director of a newly established integrated auxiliary of a 501(c)(3) organization to set up the accounting systems and policies to manage a $35 million bequest.  He has also provided general ledger accounting for all types of entities as well as trust and probate accountings.  

In recent years, Travis has worked primarily with individual, trust, and estate clients, as well as professional practices and other small businesses. He is generally looking to develop long-term relationships with clients and takes a holistic approach to help clients navigate the waters of tax, and make sure they are also thinking about retirement, estate planning, insurance, education funding, etc.  He encourages clients to call throughout the year in order to provide an independent point of view and act as a sounding board for any financial related issues.  He feels this holistic approach and open dialogue is immensely valuable to long-term financial health.  

Travis graduated first in his class from Principia College in Elsah, Illinois, majoring in Business Administration and Mass Communication. He intermittently pursued graduate studies in accounting and taxation through Golden Gate University from 2004-2007.  Travis wrote a tax column for the Cedar Street Times and Pacific Grove Hometown Bulletin for five years. He continues to sharpen his skills through a plethora of continuing education courses each year.

Travis is an active member in his community and church: he currently serves on the board of directors for the Rotary Club of Pacific Grove where he served as President during 2019 and 2020.  He is the Vice President and Treasurer at First Church of Christ, Scientist, Carmel, and is a past-president of that organization as well. He is also currently serving on the PGUSD Measure A Technology Bond Citizens Oversight Committee and is an ambassador with the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce.  In June of 2020, Travis retired from the Board of Directors at Meals on Wheels of the Monterey Peninsula where he served for 10 1/2 years including two years as President and a number of years as Treasurer.  In years past, Travis has also provided assistance to the PG Music Boosters, and volunteered to coach youth soccer at the YMCA, following up on his own passions for music via singing and piano, as well as soccer, having played all throughout his youth and through college. Other personal endeavors over the years have included singing with the Monterey Cypressaires Barbershop Chorus, playing soccer, tennis, and woodworking.

Travis's wife, Joy, holds a Masters in Landscape Architecture from the University of Georgia. She has a Certificate in Sustainable Development and is a LEED Accredited Professional. Joy works as a Landscape Architect for BFS, Inc. on Pacific Street in Monterey.  Joy also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of our residence, and beginning in March 2020, she had a sudden desire to assist in teaching our children remotely via Zoom meetings and Google Classroom!

Travis and Joy were married in 1999.  Their two children are students at Forest Grove Elementary.  Their son, Elijah Bennett, is an entrepreneurial and energetic burgeoning balloon artist and chemist.  He was conveniently born during the last few weeks of tax season in 2012..."the baby is coming NOW?!"  He was followed by a partner-in-crime, Claire Elise, gymnast-extraordinaire, a couple years later.  Prior to Elijah and Claire, Travis and Joy survived a five-year conversion of a commercial building into a home, performing nearly all of the work themselves on nights, weekends, and holidays.  Shortly after Elijah became mobile, however, they realized the necessity of selling their blood, sweat, and tears in order to buy a house with a yard for a growing family! (831) 333-1041


Our Team

Having a core group of reliable staff members, especially during tax season, is a critical component to managing the work flow.  Below is most of our 2019 and 2020 tax season crew. 

(Left to right, back row to front row) 

Noelle Hetz is a licensed CPA in California.  She has had a long career as a CPA and taught tax update courses to CPAs around the country for years. Noelle sold her practice in another part of California to her son, and then retired to Pacific Grove with her husband, John...or at least she thought she was going to retire.  She brings a wealth of experience and insight, and we are grateful to have her. She has helped us since January 2019.

Lisa Marie Bohn joined us in early 2017.  She has been preparing individual, corporate, partnership, and fiduciary tax returns for CPA firms for well over 25 years.  She was a fantastic addition to our tax crew and works with us full-time during the tax season and as needed at other parts of the year.  Lisa Marie is also an entertaining musician who sings and plays the guitar professionally.  Perhaps we can arrange a gig for your next event...whenever that will be allowed again?!  

Travis Long.  You have heard enough about him.

Brian Wilsey joined our firm in June 2017.  Although some of our clients may think we hired a college student because he is blessed with such a youthful face, Brian is actually an Enrolled Agent with well over 10 years experience preparing and reviewing individual and business tax returns for CPA firms.  Brian is working with us on a full-time basis throughout the year.  We are lucky to have his diligence and friendliness in our office...and Go Warriors! - Brian is a big basketball fan.  If you get bored talking taxes with us and prefer to talk about basketball - Brian is your man.

Janette Cate was a fantastic front office manager for the 2019 tax season and part of 2020 as well.  Prior to being with us, she had worked with another tax firm for 15 years.  Unfortunately, when California closed down its schools during the 2020 tax season, Janette had to take care of her two young children.  I think her youngsters made a better offer and we just couldn't compete!  She helped us remotely as long as she could, and we appreciate that.  We miss you, Janette!

Mary Helen is an Enrolled Agent and works with us about half-time during the tax season.  She also works as a property tax auditor for Monterey County.  She is a true renaissance woman, and probably one of the few graduates of the London School of Economics that can also build you a house, lecture you on subjects ranging from genealogy to antiques, to the Civil War, and rebuild your car engine if needed.  Mary helen has been with us since 2014.

 Our newest addition is, Viveca Lohr.  When Janette had to exit during the 2020 tax season, we scrambled to find someone to fill the void, and we were fortunate to have landed Viveca as our front office manager.  For those living on the Monterey Peninsula, her name is likely familiar!  Viveca had just retired after 34 years with Meals on Wheels of the Monterey Peninsula, spending the last 33 of those years as Executive Director.  Travis had spent over 10 years on the board of directors with the organization and they had always joked that when Viveca retired from Meals on Wheels, she would come work for him!  And then COVID-19 made that a reality!  Viveca brings a wealth of interpersonal skills and experience.  A few things other things to know about Viveca - 1) She is an amazing iPhone photographer, 2) she boards a horse at Pebble Beach where she enjoys riding, 3) she goes on a City Slickers style cattle drive every year, and 4) she enjoys Prosecco! 

We couldn't decide which side of Viveca to show - powerful executive, the girl next door, or cowboy, so we used them all!


Viveca taking organizers to the post office!


We have fun too!

Tax season munchies!


This is the only mug Travis permits to be used in the firm.

Celebrating at the Sardine Factory after the 2019 tax season!  Unfortunately this option wasn't available in 2020, but we are looking forward to an after tax season party again!

Our Movie Pick - The Accountant starring Ben Affleck and Anna Kendrick.  We have this movie poster on our office wall.  It really is a great movie!


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